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Administration Team

Spring Hill High School’s administration consists of four administrators. Our purpose is to provide leadership and focus so that our mission of creating a collaborative learning community that cultivates innovative thinkers prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st century is ensured.  We also stive to provide a school culture that is rich in personal connections while supporting a learning environment where students pursue coursework designed to foster creativity, uniqueness in thought, and intellectual development. 


Dr. Michael Lofton is the founding principal of Spring Hill High School. Spring Hill High School is an all choice all magnet public high school with five focus programs; Engineering, Entertainment, Entrepreneurial, Environmental Studies and Exercise Science. Now entering his eleventh year as the leader of SHHS, he has led and supported the development of rigorous and innovative programs with a safe and nurturing environment that has resulted in his students being recognized for their academic achievements. Dr. Lofton was named the 2018 National Magnet School Principal of the Year and the 2019 South Carolina Secondary Principal of the Year.

Dr. Lofton is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. He attended Berry College in Rome, Georgia and received his undergraduate degree in Health and Physical Education and Athletic Training as well as a Masters in Secondary Education. He began his teaching career at North Cobb High School, where he taught physical education, health and outdoor education. Dr. Lofton also coached state champion cross country teams and track and field.

Dr. Lofton moved to South Carolina in 2002 for his wife, Fiona, to pursue her graduate studies. He joined the administrative team of Dutch Fork Middle School as an assistant principal. He remained there for eight years while earning a Masters Specialist and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of South Carolina. In 2010, Dr. Lofton was named principal of Chapin Middle School and led CMS for two years before being named principal of Spring Hill High School.

Dr. Lofton is an outdoor enthusiast and enjoys participating in outdoor activities with his wife and two daughters Madison and Kiersten. He is also a lifelong learner and avid studier of educational trends and issues.

Mr. Brandon Doty is the Assistant Principal for Instruction at Spring Hill High School.  He was Spring Hill’s inaugural Teacher of the Year in 2014-2015 and served as the Dean of the Exercise Science Academy for two years. After serving as an administrator at Dutch Fork High School, Mr. Doty rejoined the Spring Hill family as an assistant principal in 2016.  Mr. Doty taught middle and high school science for 16 years, including 9 years in District Five.  He received a B.S. in Cardiopulmonary Science from the University of Central Florida and a M.Ed. in Educational Administration from USC.

Mr. Doty’s hobbies include playing anything competitive, cooking, going to Disney and spending time with his daughter, Leah and his sons Matthew and Caleb.

Caseloads: S-Z

Dr. Brea Amick is an Assistant Principal at Spring Hill High School.  She has a BA in Political Science, and MAT in Secondary Education Social Studies, an MA in Educational Administration, and Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Carolina.  She is certified in Gifted and Talented Education as well as in Advanced Placement United States History, Psychology, and Macroeconomics, having taught a variety of classes including World History, US History, Psychology, AP Psychology, Sports Psychology, American Government, and Economics.  Additionally, she has also served as an adjunct faculty member at Newberry College where she taught Social Studies methods to future educators and mentored pre-service teachers. Mrs. Amick has also served at the District and State levels on the American Government Textbook review committee.  She currently serves as the Administrative Representative for the South Carolina Social Studies Council.  In 2014, she was named the Tom Buckland's South Carolina Social Studies Teacher of the Year. 

Caseloads: En-M

Mr. Jeff Corley completed his undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of South Carolina in 1998. He started his teaching career in 1999 after completing his Masters in Teaching from the University of South Carolina. Mr. Corley taught and coached at various schools including Swansea High School, Laurens District 55 High School, and Strom Thurmond High School. He coached football and baseball at each school and helped Strom Thurmond High School win a state championship in football in 2005 as the defensive coordinator and linebacker coach. After meeting his now wife, Kara, Mr. Corley moved to the Columbia area and began teaching at Irmo High School in 2007. He stopped coaching to pursue an administrative degree, and after seven more years in the classroom, became an administrative assistant principal. After two years, Mr. Corley became an assistant principal at Irmo High School. Starting in 2020, he will start a new chapter in his career as an assistant principal at Spring Hill High School.  He lives in the Irmo community with his wife and three children. His favorite quotation: "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime!" - Old Navajo saying.

Caseloads: A-El & N-R