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The goal of iFive Instructional Technology is to use digital resources to strengthen the growth of curriculum and competencies for work, citizenship and life-long learning. District Five will prepare students for academic success and beyond. Teachers will prepare students to demonstrate what they know, by actively promoting communicators, creators, critical thinkers and collaborators of information.   District 5 is committed to preparing students to be highly successful as they graduate and pursue goals for further education, training, and careers by providing teachers and students with powerful tools is important for teaching and learning.   iFive Instructional Technology's mission is to equip classrooms with interactive technologies that allow teachers to deliver innovative and integrative lessons that promote collaboration and communication in teaching and learning.
Student Chromebook Orientation

All students must watch the Student Chromebook Orientation video in order to receive a District issued device.

All parents/guardians must watch the Parent/Guardian Chromebook Orientation video prior to their student receiving a District issued device.